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Friday, 9 September 2011

First Week Back

Hi guys; well done on getting to Friday - only one homework tantrum (B - you know what I'm talking about) and no late mornings. Phew. When you are a parent, sometimes you want to be kind of invisible at the start of term - you know, letting the teachers get on with it before asking them loads of stuff. That's probably the only area we could have improved on.

Next term, Monster, leave Lelly's glasses alone, and try not to drop them the night before school. It meant he had a letter for his teacher on the first day. And Lelly, TRY to remember that you are in Year 2 now, and stop queuing up for your old class/ leaving your lunch box there etc - your new teacher might think you are trying to tell her something!

Congratulations, Number One Son, on contracting both a vomiting bug and a fungal infection (nice) - your first week has been more like half a week. Don't try that when you get a job...

But, it's Friday mornng, and I can't wait for my four to come back tonight - it's been very quiet without you.

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