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Friday, 18 November 2011

Update! Sorry kids - you'll have to guess what I was thinking for the last month...

So, where were we? Last post, appropriately enough, appears to have been on the anniversary of my father's death. I still can't really think about that - he's been locked up in a little box in my head for the last twenty something years - far too sad for me to talk about. Even now,I'm a bit teary typing.

Thing's are getting back to normal after poor Granny's death. I hope, for Granny's sake, that you guys keep a piece of her in your hearts. Even if it's just the memory of the odd cheque arriving 'for the children' and then us all having a day out, plus food in a cafe, rather than yet more sandwiches.

Lelly, maybe you could try to remember that although, yes, it is lovely for Baby Whitehouse that Granny can now take care of him, you should try to keep that thought in your head. It is nice to know that your guinea pig will be well looked after in Heaven, but possibly we would have liked Granny to stay here a bit longer. I'm sure there was an animal loving angel with a bit of free time already feeding him.

Secretly tho, and maybe you'll get this when you are a bit older, I hope so much that my dad and Granny are catching up.

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