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Friday, 23 December 2011

The Meaning of Christmas (Etc)

So, I had such plans for a Waltons esque Christmas - I'm off work, you guys have finished school - I'm not sure if you can understand how much Mummy plans things, and then gets a bit disappointed when they don't go quite to plan....
Writing cards - I see us all sitting down, signing our names, licking and sticking envelopes. Obviously, I forgot that one of you has difficulties writing for long periods, one of you can't spell (combined with being a perfectionist and unable to guess) and one of you is only four. So, in fact, it's just me writing cards and you lot dictating names and messages. Less fun.
Seeing Santa - Monster, I am SO embarrassed. There's lovely twinkly Santa desperately searching the room for something that you will accept. Have you no shame? Or fear of Santa getting fed up? Hours, we were there while the poor man offered one thing after another. Thank goodness he had hidden some cars under his chair.

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