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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dressing Up

It was so funny taking you out yesterday dressed as smurfs. I just want you to know that I find that as much fun as you do. Poor B, strolling casually several feet behind us - I remember taking Snow White to Asda not so long ago! I'm so glad that I have learnt not to be embarrassed by this stuff - so what if you are painted blue and wearing little caps? This time won't last long - soon you'll be dragging me away from clothing shops, begging me to let you choose your own outfits. It's great that, for now, I can produce a cat mask from a bag and brighten up your day.
Sorry I got a bit stressed about the make up - by the time I'd painted you to your exact requirements, I really couldn't bear to see it smudged. You were very brave, Lelly, holding back the tears after Number One Son opened the door on to you. That's the spirit!

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